Tori Kappo KICHO

We are the specialist of Tori (chicken).

We mainly use Jidori (free-range) chicken raised with special care at our contracted poultry farms in Miyazaki and Kagoshima prefectures in Japan. 

The aroma of the charcoal cooking, the degree of grilling and the exquisite texture that can only be achieved by using fresh chicken. Kicho's speciality is rich variety of ingredients, including rare and valuable chicken parts.

Our strong relationship with a Japanese sake brewery allows us to enjoy the marriage of exclusive Japanese alcoholic beverages that are only available herein Hong Kong.

Please enjoy seasonal Ingredients with the special taste of Jidori chicken. 

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Wagyu Kaiseki USHIDOKI

Wagyu Kaiseki Ushidoki,

Singapore Michelin Guide-recommended Ushidoki presenting a new spin on classic Kaiseki using the prefecture's acclaimed Japanese Odagyu A4-grade beef. 

We will take you to the traditional world of Kaiseki while you enjoy a live cooking show right in front of you. 

The course is woven with various cooking methods and seasonal ingredients, you will never get bored from appetizers to desserts.

Under the theme of "Tongue to Tail", our mission is to tell you the charm of Odagyu and the richness of Japan's four seasons through Kaiseki cuisine, along with high quality food and hospitality. 

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